“I have been honored being my father’s son ever since I was a five-year-old schoolboy.

He gave me his business card to carry, Kenneth W. Donelson, Attorney-at-Law.

‘Keep it with you, just in case,’ he would say. I left home at 17. Whenever we meet now, his form of goodbye is always the same. ‘Do you have one of my cards?’ I always smile as I say, ‘Yes.’

After 43 years, I am still a card-carrying member of this club of two.”


-Richard Donelson, Austin, Texas. From The Best of Man: Selections from the First Three Years of MAN! Magazine, Sharon Adams, Editor.

On Mother’s Day, the world stops to honor these wonderful women, but the world doesn’t seem to come to such a halt on Father’s Day.

There are only a few gifts that seem to be mentioned: golf, ties, and grills.

We’ve compiled a list of normal under $50 gifts:

  1. Bake his favorite cookies, breads, pies
  2. Movie tickets
  3. Porterhouse T-Bone steaks
  4. Bottle of Wine
  5. CD of favorite music (sometimes you need to look in the archives – Star Wars Theme, Old Country, Beach Boys, Michael Jackson or give him his own copy of your favorite Katy Perry or Lady Gaga – you know he secretly likes those pop songs 🙂 )
  6. A basket of his favorite candy

You can look up all the crazy gadgets or “joke” gifts which he’ll get a laugh but do something for this man!  Dads are a part of bringing up who you are or who your children will be, their strictness, playfulness and advice is invaluable and deserving of a day to honor them.