Kitchen Basics: most commonly called for seasoning cheat sheet

Knowing what to have on hand in your spice cabinet can be a bit tricky, that’s why we created a cheat sheet of the most commonly called for seasonings & spices. Just print it out and tape it inside your cabinet door to always be prepared.

Kitchen Basics

Machine Shed Original Recipe: Applesauce Bread

Applesauce Bread is a favorite at the Machine Shed Restaurants and is a part of the Shed’s “Fixin’s” that are served with every dinner entree. Enjoy this great bread for your next brunch or family get together!

Download the recipe card below.

Click Here to Download the Recipe Card

Have you tried the Applesauce Bread? What do you think? Share in the comments below.

Machine Shed Original Recipe: Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and thyme, this recipe will remind you of summer harvest in the middle of winter.

You can find sun-dried tomatoes in the health food section of most grocery stores, and look for fresh thyme if you have an indoor farmers market.


Click here to download the recipe card.

Let us know how yours turns out!

Betty 9-1-1 Answers All Your Thanksgiving Questions

Thanksgiving is a week away, and we all have burning questions about how to pull off an amazing dinner.

This year, you’re in luck.

Betty Crocker is “Saving Thanksgiving One Question at a Time”.

From now until Thanksgiving Day, get answers straight from Betty Crocker kitchens from 8am – 9pm CST.

 There are two quick and easy ways to ask your questions:
1.       Visit the Betty Crocker Facebook page and post your question on their wall.
2.       Tweet @BettyCrocker with the tag #Betty911


Click here for more information, and good luck! 

DIY Dinner Placemat


Have your kids create their dinner placemat with these great templates from

Here are a few different templates you can have fun with: 


Click here to see them all:

Cooking with Kids – Mini Ham Pizzas

This is a perfect recipe for beginner cooks.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making their own mini-pizzas.

Serve individually as a snack or appetizer.

For a complete meal, serve two pizzas with a salad and fresh fruit.

Click here to watch the video! 


The #1 Reason to Make Time for Family Dinner

School season has begun and all of a sudden calendars are full, kids need to be dropped off or picked up from practice, days are too short – and now what are you going serve for dinner?!

Now and then, take a break from cooking and relax with your family at the Machine Shed for their dinner favorites.


Use the time to touch base with them on school, sports and friends.  

Children who frequently eat meals with their families tend to do better in school as well. 

A 2006 Time Magazine poll of high school students showed higher scores in school among students who frequently shared meals with their families.

A survey of high-achieving teens showed that those who regularly eat meals with their families tend to be happier with their present life and their dreams for the future.  

So not only do you get a break, it’s good for the family.

Let the Machine Shed do the dishes and you enjoy the memories (and an apple dumpling!)

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