Cookbook Club!

51eNepQoodLWelcome to month two of our Cookbook Club!  This month we thought it was perfect timing to feature a cookbook all about making meals fresh from your garden.

First up?  We made the author’s Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Salad with Artichoke Hearts found on page 135.  Why did we choose such a simple recipe?  Because not only is it delicious, but so versatile!  There are so many simple ingredients and variations of this salad. Garlic, tomato and basil

For example:  You could add prosciutto, you could serve it atop a chicken breast, you can add leafy greens or arugala, or even turn it into skewers for the perfect appetizer!  The list goes on and on.  Check out our Pinterest board for more great ideas.  Just like last month, pick you a copy of the cookbook at your local Machine Shed and cook along with us!  Be sure to share your pictures on Facebook or send them to

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August Cookbook Club!


More State Fair Fun!

ms_friesWho could say no to another State Fair food favorite?  French Fries!  At the fair french fries are served in a variety of ways, plain, with catsup, loaded with cheese and bacon…just to name a few!

The skies the limit with what you can top you french fries with, here is our recipe from our cookbook Now That’s Cookin!





Repurpose old candles!

candleHave you ever noticed that when you finish burning a candle there is always wax left at the bottom?  Well here is a great way to get all the bang for your buck out of your candles!




waxWhen your candle burns out, let the wax dry and then place the candle in the freezer.  Within 3-4 hours the candle will freeze enough that the leftover wax will release from the candle jar (it might need a little tap or assistance from a knife or other small object).

You can then use this wax in your wax burner!  Ingenious!  

More State Fair Fun!

ms_caramel_cornState Fair season continues!  So, in honor of that we will continue the State Fair food recipes!  Not all great State Fair food is on a stick, so this week we are featuring Caramel Corn that you can make right at home from our Now That’s Cookin cookbook.  Click here for the recipe!

What is your favorite fair food?

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