Urbandale Machine Shed Celebrate 25 Years!

shed urbandaleThis week, the Urbandale Machine Shed celebrates 25 years. Since opening in 1991, our Urbandale location has been proud to serve award-winning, made from scratch meals to local residents, travelers, celebrities and politicians. From pop artists like Jessica Simpson and Pink, to comedian Pauly Shore and celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Politicians such as Vice President Joe Biden, Vice Presidnet Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Hosting live television broadcasts on Good Morning America, being featured on the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel – The Urbandale Machine Shed has seen it all!

In 2014 the Urbandale Machine Shed underwent a renovation to reflect a new era of modern farming. The Machine Shed continues to be Chris Christie“Dedicated to the American Farmer”, with a modern twist! Our 99 Counties project continues, collecting  photos of Iowa Farm families and displaying them in our Shed. Our look may have change, but our farm-fresh fare has remained the same!

Our most treasured memory, however, is serving our loyal patrons. Those who live in our Urbandale community, and those who travel to see us each year – we wouldn’t have made it to 25 without your support!

Cheers to 25 years Machine Shed Urbandale, and here’s to 25 more! Come celebrate with us in Urbandale and try our special menu of throwback items – view the menu here.


Father’s Day at the Shed!

Father’s Day in on June 19th – treat Dad to a delicious meal at The Machine Shed! Each of our Machine Shed’s are serving up a special buffet in Dad’s honor. Even better- sign up for our Father’s Day giveaway while you are there!

Click on the link to your Shed to check out the menu!



Lake Elmo






Farm to Fork- Our new eBook is here!

As a restaurant dedicated to the American farmer, promoting Farm to Fork is essential for us at the Machine Shed. Our new eBook contains everything you need to know about how the Machine Shed gets involved with locally sourced produce, recipes, information on local farmers markets and even a video on how to create our very own Machine Shed Pickles!


The Perfect Pie!

Here is some great advice from our friends at Mason Cash on how to make the perfect pie!



Stop by the Machine Shed Gift Shop to check out the Mason Cash line – great for baking and roasting, sweet and savory!

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Dang! Root Beer Float Cake!


Dang! Root Beer
is a favorite in the Machine Shed Gift Shop – try out this recipe using the Dang! Original or Butterscotch to make a Root Beer Float Cake at home.




Root Beer Cake


New this year at the Machine Shed Gift Shops – Italian Cherry Soda!

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Produce Candles are in Season at the Shed


The scents of your favorite produce items are now available in candle form thanks to Produce Candles. Mint, Rhubarb, Kale, Tomato, Wildflower and Melon are available for purchase in the Machine Shed Gift Shop in mason jar containers. Now your home can smell as fresh as your garden!

Planting these items in your garden this season? Check out these recipes on our Pinterest board:



Learn to Make The Machine Shed’s Beef Brisket!

Chef Brian Pomerenk, from the Machine Shed Urbandale, teaches us how to make Beef Brisket. Always tasty when ordered at the Shed, and now you can make it at home with our recipe! Impress your friends at your next BBQ or picnic!


Beef Brisket       10 lbs

Brown Sugar      2 quarts

BBQ Spice          2 quarts

Hickory Wood   2 Pieces

BBQ Sauce        2 Quarts

Mix together brown sugar and bbq spice so it is blended well. Place beef brisket on a cutting board and completely cover all of the brisket with the sugar and bbq spice mixture. In your smoker, add the hickory wood. The brisket will smoke for about 12-14 hours. Add extra wood as necessary. When brisket is completely smoked, remove from smoker and cut the deckle away from the flat side. The flat is the meatier side and the deckle will have more fat in it. The flat will be used for more entrée pieces while the deckle can be used for sandwiches. Slice brisket across the grain and as thin as possible. Top with bbq sauce when plating.

Mason Jar Lid Pies

There is nothing more Shed than pie, except pie made in a Mason Jar lid! We love this idea of making individual size desserts to share with family and friends.

Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here are some cocktail ideas to help you celebrate!


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