Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time of year again to declutter your home and get it in it’s very best shape. Very few people (if any) enjoy the task of cleaning their home, so we found this 28 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge from Simple Green to help make it a little more bearable. For other cleaning checklists and tips, visit our Machine Shed Pinterest Board!


Easter Centerpiece

If you are looking for cute way to decorate your Easter table, this centerpiece is an  EGGcellent idea! Make sure to check out the Machine Shed Gift Shop for other cute Easter and Spring decorations!


What you will need:

  • large glass vase or wire basket
  • small glass vase
  • plastic eggs
  • flowers



  1. Fill the smaller vase with water and place it in the center of the larger vase.
  2. Insert the plastic eggs between the walls of the two vases.
  3. Cut the flowers to your desired length and arrange them in the smaller vase.
  4. Cutting shorter stems for the outside flowers and longer stems for the inner ones will give a nice rounded top.


For other ideas on Easter decorations, recipes or games – make sure to visit our Machine Shed Pinterest Board!



Button Up Your Heart!

Make your own framed button heart for Valentine’s Day!  It is the perfect gift to give to a loved one, or keep it for yourself and use it as decoration for the holiday! This project is cute, quick and easy to do!





Supplies you will need:

  • Frame without glass
  • Burlap or desired fabric
  • Scissors
  • Buttons in the color of your choice
  • Ribbon or twine (optional)
  • Hot glue gun



  1. Begin by detaching the frame backing. You will then cut a large enough piece of the burlap so that it will wrap around the backing. Hot glue the burlap to the other side.
  2. Once the burlap is glued, secure the backing back onto the frame with the hot glue gun.
  3. Next, pick out the buttons you will like to use and lay them down onto the burlap to create an outline of a heart. Once you have the outline of the heart, start gluing the buttons on one by one.
  4. Continue gluing in buttons within the heart. After you have filled a large portion of the heart, start overlapping to fill in spaces with smaller buttons.
  5. Once your button heart is complete, you can accessorize it by adding a bow at the top with your twine or ribbon.


Give a Gift for the Host with the Most!

Want giftto make the perfect gift to bring your gracious host at your upcoming holiday gathering? The Cake Batter Snickerdoodles Gift is the perfect way to show how thankful you are.  This creative idea is courtesy of  Lil’ Luna – it’s tasty, easy to do and perfect for anyone! Click here to learn how to make it.







Don’t have time to make a gift? The Machine Shed carries unique items at the Gift Shop perfect for any occasion – including dishes and serve-ware made by Mud Pie! These make for perfect conversation starters at any gathering.

For other ideas on great gift items, recipes and decorations – check out Machine Shed’s Thanksgiving Pinterest board.




Make Your Own Wine Cork Trivet!


If you have more wine corks than you care to admit (and we promise we won’t ask why if you do), we have the perfect project for you! Re-purpose those wine corks you have been saving to make a fabulous Wine Cork Trivet!

What you will need:

  • Wine corks (make sure they are roughly the same height)
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


First begin by picking out which wine corks you want to use for your project. We used 37 corks for the trivet we made, but you can make it as big or little as you desire. Using a hot glue gun, glue the corks together in a circular shape. Once you have completed that, wrap the ribbon around the trivet hot gluing it to the corks as you go. You can then cut the ribbon after you have completely made it around all of the corks. Then wah-lah…you are finished with your Wine Cork Trivet!

Pumpkin Carving at the Shed!


With fall being here and Halloween just around the corner, we were inspired here at the Machine Shed to turn ordinary pumpkins into fabulous decorations! Check out this creative way the Shed has changed pumpkins into fantastic flower pots. These are perfect for transforming any door step!




Visit the Machines Shed’s “Thankful for Fall” Pinterest board for great tips on pumpkin carving- as well as other fun DIY projects to do this fall season!


Farm to Fork- Our new eBook is here!

As a restaurant dedicated to the American farmer, promoting Farm to Fork is essential for us at the Machine Shed. Our new eBook contains everything you need to know about how the Machine Shed gets involved with locally sourced produce, recipes, information on local farmers markets and even a video on how to create our very own Machine Shed Pickles!


Mason Jar Lid Pies

There is nothing more Shed than pie, except pie made in a Mason Jar lid! We love this idea of making individual size desserts to share with family and friends.

Wine Bottle Citronella Torches!

What you need:

Empty wine or beer bottles
Tiki replacement wicks (thick cotton rope also works well)
Citronella torch fuel
Brass coupling
Rope or twine (optional)
Pebbles (optional)
Wood glue


Peel off all labels from your bottles, and scrub glue off completely with a rough sponge.

Decorate your bottles by wrapping them in rope or twine, and scoring with wood glue. (optional) Fill the bottle with some pebbles or small marbles (so you don’t have to use as much torch fuel!). Pour in the fuel a few inches from the top.

A small brass coupling works well to keep your wick in place. Depending on the thickness, a ½–¾ coupling fits a wick perfectly. Push it through about 1½ inches. Place it in the bottle, and let it soak up the fuel for about 20 minutes.

Set your bottle torch outside in an uncovered area, and light it up!

These are great for outdoor parties, mosquito repellent, or table decor.

Enjoy your repurposed bottle torches!


Source: BuzzFeed

Tackling Your New Year’s Resolutions One Day at a Time

2016 has arrived, which means for many of us that its time to set or stick to a New Year’s resolution.  The thought of this is often intimidating, that’s why we suggest breaking down 2016 by day, week or month to make your goals seem more achievable. Watch your progress- or easily hold yourself accountable- with the free printable charts we found on onegoodthingbyjillee.com


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