Printable Fourth of July Sign

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Need a little extra something for your Fourth of July festivities or a gift for the hostess? Print off this sign, place it in a frame, and in less than 5 minutes you have a unique gift or patriotic decor.

Click the link to print Printable 4th of July Sign

Printing the sign on card stock is recommended, but your standard printer paper will work too.

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Barn Wood Welcome Sign

MS Blog Welcome Sign

Brighten up your outdoor or indoor space with this DIY barn wood welcome sign! It is sure to give a little extra character to any area you display it in.


  • Barn wood approximately 2ft wide x 1ft tall (If you don’t have a piece of barn wood no worries, use wood from a pallet or a wood from a hardware store)
  • Stain (We used Rust-Oleum wood stain cognac oil-based, but any shade or brand will work)
  • Paint- any color (We used a Valspar tester paint purchased at Lowes. They are only $3, come in hundreds of colors, and dry quickly!
  • Old rag to stain the board with
  • Thin paint brush
  • Charcoal stick
  • “Welcome” printable
  • Masking tape
  • Mason Jar
  • Wire
  • Drill
  • Pen
  • Brackets
  • Silk flowers


  1. Cut wood
  2. Attach a bracket to the back of the board to hang it from once completed
  3. Put a coat of stain on the board, let dry fully- you may want to do multiple coat if your board is not very aged to start
  4. Print MS Welcome Printable (Click to Print)
  5. Cut off excess paper above and below “Welcome”
  6. Using a medium amount of pressure, rub the stick of charcoal over the back of the welcome sign
  7. Position welcome where you would like on the board, tape to the board with the charcoal side down
  8. Using a pen, trace around the outside of the letters in “Welcome”
  9. Remove the paper, fill in the letters with paint
  10. Place the mason jar where you would like it on the board, make a mark on each side of the neck
  11. Drill a small hole on each of the dots
  12. Attach the mason jar to the board using wire, fasten wire together in back
  13. Place silk flowers in the jar


Mason Jar Dispenser and Kitchen Towel Giveaway!!!!!!

MS- Mason Jar and Towel Give AwayThere are so many things you can use this mason jar dispenser for, besides the obvious soap option! The jar provides the perfect way to have necessities sitting on your counter without being in an unsightly bottle.  Today we are going to teach you how to make an all-purpose cleaner, a stain remover, and hydrating lotion. Want this mason jar dispenser and mason jar kitchen towel? WIN IT by commenting on the post other creative uses for the jar OR purchase both of these in your local Machine Shed Gift Shop!

All-Purpose Cleaner


  • Distilled Water
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide


  1. Combine 1 TBS of distilled white vinegar, 1 TBS of hydrogen peroxide, & 1 cup of distilled water
  2. Repeat step 1 until your container is full
  3. Apply to a damp cloth and clean away


Stain Remover


  • Distilled Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Baking Soda


  1.  Combine 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda, & 1 cup distilled water
  2. Repeat step 1 until container is full
  3. Apply directly to clothing as needed


Hydrating Lotion


  • 4oz jar of vitamin E cream
  • 15oz bottle of baby lotion
  • 7.5oz jar of vaseline
  • Mixer


  1. Completely mix together vitamin E cream and vaseline
  2. Slowly add baby lotion to the mixture, mix completely
  3. Apply as needed

Mason Jar Tiki Torch

MS- Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Every summer it seems like we spend our outdoor time battling with mosquitoes! Well, this quick mason jar craft is sure to solve this never ending problem, there are just a few simple steps between you and an itch-free summer.


Mason Jar (any size will work)

Tiki Wick

Citronella Torch Fuel


Masking Tape


1. Place a small piece of masking tape in the center of the mason jar’s lid to keep the drill bit from slipping

2. Using a 1/4 drill bit, drill a hole in the center of the masking tape

3. Repeat step 2 using a 3/8 drill bit

4. Remove the masking tape and put the tiki wick through the hole

5. Position the wick 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the jar

6. Cut the top of the wick to about 2 inches

7. Fill the jar 3/4 of the way with citronella torch fuel

8. Light your mason jar tiki torch and enjoy a bug-free summer



Make Your Own Mason Jar Candles!


2 pounds soy wax flakes

4 wicks and wick tabs (we used wooden wicks)

essential oils (optional)

4 mason jars

glue dots

microwave safe bowl


1.  Melt the wax in a microwave safe bowl.  When completely melted add, essential oils.  The amount of essential oil you use is up to you based on your desired level of scent.

2.  We used glue dots to secure the wicks at the bottom of the jar.

3.  Carefully pour the wax into the jars.  It is easier if you use a funnel or a large glass measuring cup.

4.  Let the wax set.  Candles will be ready to use in 4 hours!



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Coffee Beans!

New ImageLooking for an easy way to make your house smell great during the holidays?  Try leaving coffee beans out in decorative jars to not only deoderize, but leave your house with a warming aroma.  We put ours in a mason jar with a festive bow, but you can put them in any type of container! 


What other smells warm up your house for the holidays?

Apple Pie Baked in an Apple

675 MS Blog Apple Pie Baked in Apple

DIY: Fabric Artwork


Need some new artwork but don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Try this DIY farbric artwork.

You will need:



Pillow stuffing or cloth battingback

Staple gun and staples


Cut the fabric so that it is large enough to fold over the sides of the canvas.  Cover the canvas in the pillow stuffing and lay the fabric over top.  Fold the sides of the fabric over and staple to the back of the canvas, make sure to pull it tightly to get a smooth finish.


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