The Award Winning Machine Shed!


The Machine Shed – An Award Winning Restaurant

Through the years, Machine Shed Restaurants have sprung up around
the Midwest and have earned a bushel full of awards. 

1981: Roast Pork Loin Stuffed with Country Sage Dressing
Winner of the Iowa Pork Cook Off

Golden Butter Knife

1982: Tangy Tenderloin
Winner of the Iowa Pork Cook Off

Golden Butter Knife

1983: Roasted Stuffed Iowa Chop
with Warm Apple Raisin Dressing and Apple Whiskey Sauce
Winner of the Iowa Pork Cook Off
& National Pork Recipe Contest

National Pork Restaurant of the Year – National Pork Producers Council

Beef Backer Award – Iowa Beef Industry Council

Golden Egg Award – American Egg Board

Golden Butter Knife – Scott County Dairy Association

Iowa Pork Restaurant of the Year – Iowa Pork Producers

Kansas Pork Restaurant of the Year – Kansas Pork Producers

Minnesota Pork Restaurant of the Year – Minnesota Pork Producers

Best Breakfast in America – Travel Channel’s Food Paradise

Top 50 Multi-Concept Growth Companies – Nation’s Restaurant News

T.O.M. Award – National Turkey Federation

Calling All Iowa Farmers!


























Stay tuned!  We will be continuing this project in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota!







A Touch of Summer

It might be cold outside, with no end to winter in sight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up your kitchen with some of your favorite summer recipes!  Try out this recipe for Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Pesto Pasta!  Basil may not be growing outside, but most grocery stores have it available in their produce section!


Chicken Breast

Cooked Pasta, any shape!



Parmesan Cheese

Cherry Tomatoes

Green Onions


Bread Crumbs



1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Place chicken breast on a baking sheet and brush with olive oil.  Season with salt and pepper and coat in parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.  Bake until cooked through.

2.  In a food processor combine basil, spinach, garlic, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese.  Pulse while adding enough oil to create a pesto.

3.  Saute garlic, green onion, and tomatoes.  Add in cooked pasta and pesto.

4.  Enjoy :)


Make Your Own Mason Jar Candles!


2 pounds soy wax flakes

4 wicks and wick tabs (we used wooden wicks)

essential oils (optional)

4 mason jars

glue dots

microwave safe bowl


1.  Melt the wax in a microwave safe bowl.  When completely melted add, essential oils.  The amount of essential oil you use is up to you based on your desired level of scent.

2.  We used glue dots to secure the wicks at the bottom of the jar.

3.  Carefully pour the wax into the jars.  It is easier if you use a funnel or a large glass measuring cup.

4.  Let the wax set.  Candles will be ready to use in 4 hours!



Happy Holidays from our Blog Dogs!

dogsMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at The Machine Shed and Heart of America Group.

A special Holiday greeting from our “blog dogs” Aston and Bentley Whalen!

Throwback Thursday!

serverDo you recognize the person in this weeks Throwback Thursday photo?

If you visit our Davenport Machine Shed, you should!  It is the famous Karen Grunder!

Holiday Host Gifts-and a Giveaway!

Stressing about what to bring the host of your Holiday Party as a gift?  Fancy up a bottle of wine with a festive or funny kitchen towel!

It couldn’t be easier, wrap the bottle in the towel, and secure it with a ribbon!

Looking for great kitchen towels?  Stop by the Machine Shed.

Want to win these towels?  Share with us other creative gift ideas you are making this Holiday season.

The Holiday eBook is Available Now!

Chalk board

It’s Holiday Time at The Machine Shed!

It’s Holiday time at the Machine Shed!  Come pick up great gifts and stocking stuffers-and for the picky person on your list get them a Machine Shed gift card!


Throwback Thursday!

Shed soup1A lot has changed at The Machine Shed since opening the first restaurant in 1978, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the soup we are serving up!  Our Baked Potato Soup is a Shed classic, and perfect for winter days like this!

How long have you been going to the Machine Shed, and what are your favorite classic Machine Shed dishes?

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